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Welcome to Mindset Consultants

Welcome to Mindset Consultants

About Us

Mindset Consultants

Registered in Bangalore, we are a training and development organisation focusing on man power development. Started by a professional with over 38 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and allied industries with national and international exposure in the areas of sales, marketing and training, we have a pool of eminent faculties who were senior professionals from different organisations.

While man management and man power development still remains the mainstay in the successful running of an organisation, the rules for succeeding in business are constantly changing. Not too long ago, technical competence and knowledge were the key drivers of growth and success. Today organizations the world over have started to realise the importance of soft skills in the overall success of their ventures.

A person with adequate knowledge and abundant skills can still be a failure if his attitude towards his job is negative. It is all in the Mindset.

Our Mission

To influence the mindset of the individuals positively, impart knowledge and skills in the relevant areas and enable them to perform to their full potential.  
Mindset Consultants strongly believes that developing people into better performers begins with influencing their mindset positively. What carries an otherwise technically sound organisation that extra mile is a generous smattering of the right kind of life skills. From helping organisations realise the optimum potential of their employees to building trust and mutual co-operation between the management and the managed, Mindset’s life skill course is tailored to meet the demands of the present day corporate community.   

Our Approach

1. Needs identification    

Carried out through interaction with division heads and the training needs for the individuals and group are identified and prioritised.   

2. Course Development   The information derived from the need identification process will be used to develop customised course content that is specific to and focused on the needs of the organisation.    

3. Course Execution.   This will be carried out by professionals from the industry with hands-on experience in the relevant areas. The course delivery will involve lecture sessions, role-plays, case studies, simulations, group discussions and various other instruments that will help the participants gain more self confidence and enable them to out do themselves.    

4. Evaluation and Feedback   Post programme, participants will be evaluated on their levels of understanding to determine the effectiveness of knowledge/skill transfer. A commitment towards translating training inputs into working tools will be obtained from the group. This and the accompanying process methodology will then be communicated to the management to ensure effective implementation.    

5. Building Client Relationship   Mindset Consultants looks forward to a long-term relationship with its clients in order to contribute towards the growth of the organisation through people development.       

Services Offered  

  • We offer a comprehensive training for the pharmaceutical sales people and managers on the skills required in their functional areas including the training on medical products with an insight into human anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, disease profile and treatment options 
  • Need-based training programs as per the requirement of the organisation.
  • Training and development of sales personnel and line managers in their regular job functions.
  • Exclusive training programs on identified skills for sales personnel and managers in any industry

Some of the skill areas we cover are:  

1. Communication skills 

2. Presentation skills 

3. Time management and Goal setting

4. Negotiation skills 

5. Handling of objections 

6. Assertive communication 

7. Inter- personal skills 

8. Problem solving / Decision making 

9. Business etiquette 

10. Team building 

11. Customer service 

12. Selling skills 

13. Personality development 

14. Stress management 

Contact Us

K.P.Devadas - Director

To engage Mindset Consultants’ services, please contact us using the means below or email us at :  kpdevadas@mindsetconsultants.in 

Mindset Consultants

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